Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My name's Christina Worrell. You can call me Kristi. I’m a married, mother of two, stay at home mom  and author. I've read books since I could hold one in my hands. When I was nine I decided I just had to write, my imagination and dreams would take all day to explain. I won awards in various areas such as the Service Merchandise Student Writer’s Showcase in 1992. Then when I got to be a teen I wrote poetry. It was mostly 
the emotional angst kind. You can find it on poetry.com. I started writing stories and poetry by hand when I was 19, and now at 30, I've finally published quite a few. It took me ten years of writing by hand and not giving up just to accomplish this dream. So never give up or you may never know your limits! All my books are now for sale at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I'm also on Goodreads. I lead a few groups on Facebook. I claim Pagan as my religion and on the side I like to do tarot readings, all in fun. I'm a paranormal writer and I'm very open minded. I've also begun researching past lives or otherwise known as reincarnation. Anytime you want to know more about me you'll find me online, at odd hours, on Facebook or my pages. I'm always reading, writing, creating something, or being a mom. Mom time comes over everything including my career. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All Hallows Masquerade

All Hallows Masquerade

Come to the Carnival Weekend event where literary screamers and fang bangers come together to provide you a wild, panic filled and epic weekend. Grab your masks and attire. Come listen to short bone chilling tales of 
actual haunted places and spine tingling music. Our tricks and treats will give you nightmares that pierce your soul... Bloodthirsty and morbidly fascinated freaks like myself will try to reign in our sick and twisted ideas just enough to keep it legal! 9PM Est each night until 2AM Est. 5 great hours of screaming fun each night! Come and exchange page links and make new friends. This is not just your random run of the mill release party or event. Its a Masquerade where we mingle, have fun, and get to know others who love the Freakiest Night of the year!

Literary Promotions

The Literary Promotions Group would like to extend an invite to those who are interested in promoting their pages and careers in the literary field. Even though this invite is public it is based on the professionalism of each person. Its a group just like this event to help promote our pages and books and meet others like ourselves. If interested in joining please check out the group and request to join. Be patient and allow us 24 hours to decide whether or not to admit you. Only spammers and those who are not serious will be denied. We only want a professional and successful group for all to benefit from! :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've been interviewed as an author several times and have a 
radio show pending that I'll be on live April 7th at 5PM.
 Busy schedule or not will always be there for my 
readers. I want them to think of me like anyone else. 
For those curiousabout me you can check out these links 
below for my interviews. For those wishing to schedule me for one I would be honored.You can find my contact info on this blog.